Employment Conditions

By submitting an online job application, you are in agreement with the following conditions:

  • Independent Living Services, Inc. & Creative Living, Inc., hereinafter collectively called the Corporation, may make a thorough review of my experience & education and may verify all application and/or interview materials.
  • I understand and acknowledge that this application is neither a contract of employment nor a legal document.
  • I understand and acknowledge any employment relationship that may result from this application is voluntary on the part of myself and the Corporation.  I further acknowledge that either I or the Corporation can terminate the relationship at will, with or without cause, at any time.
  • I understand that if I am employed, I am employed “At-Will.” Either I, Independent Living Services, Inc. and Creative Living, Inc. may end the employment relationship at any time, for any reason or no reason at all. No representative of Independent Living Services, Inc. and Creative Living, Inc. has the authority to vary this Agreement. I also agree that nothing in Independent Living Services, Inc. and Creative Living, Inc.’s policies, rules, regulations, or handbook changes this relationship.  The Corporation my change wages, benefits, and conditions of my employment at any time in its sole, absolute, and unfettered discretion.
  • If employed, I agree to conform to policies, rules, and regulations of the Corporation, and acknowledge that these policies, rules, and regulations may be changed, interpreted, withdrawn, or added to by the Corporation at any time, at its sole, absolute, and unfettered discretion, and without any prior notice to me.
  • I acknowledge that my employment may be ended, and any offer of employment, if such is made, may be withdrawn, with or without prior notice, at any time, for any reason at the option of the Corporation or myself.
  • I understand that the position I am applying for (if involving direct service responsibilities) may involve implementing crisis prevention and intervention services which may include lifting, pulling, and guiding persons with disabilities against potential resistance. I understand this is a condition of employment and have no reason to believe I cannot implement these or other responsibilities of the position for which I am applying.
  • I understand and accept that the needs of the people served by the Corporation may, at times, make the following conditions mandatory:  overtime, shift work, working on holidays, rotating schedule, work schedule other than I was hired for.
  • Drug Screening – Some positions within the Corporation require a drug screening.  If I will be working in a position that requires drug screening, I agree to submit to a drug test within 48 hours after a job offer is made. I hereby authorize the medical contractor performing the test to provide Independent Living Services, Inc. a complete record and report.  I understand that my conditional offer of employment is subject to obtaining of negative results on said drug screen. (If you do not take the test within 48 hours of the job offer or do not stay to complete the tests, your offer of employment may be rescinded and you may not be eligible for employment within the Corporation.)