Executive Director


While this position specifies responsibilities, requirements and duties in certain operational areas, this person is an employee of Independent Living Services, Inc. and will be expected to respond to such requests not specifically contained herein. This person must maintain the attitude that he/she works for the Board of Directors with a vision of the total organization owned, managed and/or operated by Independent Living Service, Inc. As such, this person must exhibit proper cooperation, enthusiasm and interest in all areas necessary for the success of the Corporation and associated services provided. This person must carry forth the mission and policies set forth by the Board of Directors in regard to residential and support services for people with developmental disabilities. The executive director will exercise proper supervision over employees and provide direction that enables the corporation to provide quality services, a definition that comes from the consensus of consumers, staff and Board. He/She will establish policies and procedures for ILS and related corporations that enforce the Mission, provide for compliance with State and Federal laws, and provide staff with the foundation for knowledge and skills to provide quality services. This person must have leadership capabilities; have a basic knowledge of developments and trends in the field of developmental disabilities; knowledge of personnel management; budgeting and fiscal management.


The Executive Director works under the supervision of the ILS Board of Directors: provides necessary guidance to establish proper administration and supervision of residential services and supports for all Programs owned and/or managed by ILS; monitors all services for Compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations; serves as Liaison with other related Agencies, Organizations, Networks; establishes procedures for budgeting and monitors financial management; assures that services for people with developmental disabilities are plentiful, easily accessed, and meet the needs of those seeking them, and consistent with the “people first” philosophy; has the skills and personal qualities to meet the demands of the job as the corporate executive officer.


I. Supervision/Administration of the Independent Living Services, Inc.

  • A. Exhibits knowledge of developments and service trends in developmental disabilities.
  • B. Exhibits knowledge of budgeting and fiscal management.
  • C. Exhibits knowledge of personnel management.
  • D. Selects and supervises service program supervisors.
  • E. Develops and implements policies and procedures.
  • F. Consults with staff concerning consumers and services provided.
  • G. Identifies and obtains needed resources.
  • H. Provides for appropriate in-service training for all employees.
  • I. Establishes, implements and monitors hiring and employment practices to insure that all civil rights of people are observed.
  • J. Develops and provides for appropriate Board of Directors training and makes written and verbal reports at each scheduled meeting to assure that there is an understanding of the status of the corporation, related corporations and the services provided.
  • II. Monitors Services for Compliance with State and Federal Laws and Regulations.

    • A. Exhibits knowledge of guidelines, regulations and laws concerning residential facilities and residential supports for people with developmental disabilities.
    • B. Establishes a format for readiness for surveys/licensing by the division of Developmental Disabilities Services, Housing & Urban Development, Office of Long Term Care, the Department of Human Services, Medicaid Program and other regulatory agencies such as OSHA, DOL, etc.
    • C. Develops and implements a quality assurance program for all services.

    III. Serves as Liaison with other Agencies, Organizations, Networks, etc.

    • A. Maintains active communication with other agencies and professional associations serving people with developmental disabilities;
    • B. Monitors State and Federal legislative activities and acts as an advocate to pursue legislation that would benefit people with disabilities and non-profit corporations.
    • C. Acts as a liaison with city and county officials and civic organizations.
    • D. Delegates responsibility as necessary to staff to establish a local ILS/CL representation within the community/county.
    • E. Keeps Board of Directors informed of needs for community involvement.
    • F. Represents ILS/CL at professional meetings and conveys information as appropriate.
    • G. Develops positive public relations program as directed by the Board of Directors.
    • H. Actively participates in professional organizations.
    • I. Advocates for continued improvement and development of services for people with developmental disabilities.

    IV. Financial Management

    • A. Develops an annual budget for presentation to the Board.
    • B. Monitors budget and recommends budget changes/amendments to the Board.
    • C. Seeks supplemental grants and entitlements.
    • D. Arrange to have an annual independent audit that is done in compliance with current governmental/agency requirements of ILS fiscal records and those of related corporations with copies designated to all funding sources and/or regulatory agencies, as applicable.
    • E. Approves all routine disbursements and capitol equipment purchases as per “financial management manual” guidelines.
    • F. Approves and assists in preparation of state/federal contracts, grant requests, establishes a monitoring system and provides appropriate reports to the Board.
    • G. Delegates financial reports for Board at each regular meeting to the Controller and provides assistance/support as necessary.
    • H. Assists with development, promotion, implementation, etc. with community fundraising events.

    V. Assures the availability of residential and residential support services for people with developmental disabilities.

    • A. Assure that people with disabilities receiving services from ILS and related corporations have services available that are innovative, personal, active, progressive, functional, provide for individual choice, and appropriately monitored by quality assurance reviews.
    • B. Assures confidentiality of client records.
    • C. Assures that services are provided in a way that upholds the dignity of the consumer and that civil and human rights are observed and protected.
    • D. Assures that ILS and related corporations owned facilities are safe and sanitary, and that people receiving support services have the knowledge and skills to keep their living arrangements safe and sanitary.
    • E. Directs/approves all service programs and plans for implementation.

    VI. Has job skills and personal qualities for the position.

    • A. Initiates action designed to implement decisions of the Board to the staff.
    • B. Understands and follows ILS/CL policies.
    • C. Makes effective use of time and scheduling.
    • D. Utilizes available resources (human and material).
    • E. Works within budgetary constraints.
    • F. Maintains interest and enthusiasm.
    • G. Shows consideration toward others.
    • H. Projects professional image and attributes; has respect of peers.
    • I. Exhibits managerial ability.
    • J. Possesses and utilizes knowledge of management concepts and techniques.
    • K. Demonstrates resourcefulness in problem solving.
    • L. Abides by Code of Ethics.
    • M. Keeps applicable licenses i.e. (NHA), current by attending appropriate in-service training each year and providing proof thereof.


    The Executive Director must possess one of the following: a Bachelor’s Degree and seven years’ experience, a Masters’ Degree and five years’ experience or a Minimum of 15 Years’ experience from an accredited program in the field of Human Service/health care administration with in-service training. Knowledge of Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities Services, Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, is preferred. The person must be in residence in the Faulkner County community.


    See Employee Handbook – Section 201 – 201A. Benefits eligibility is based on category classification and hours worked per week.

    To apply for this position, print out and fill the application found here. Then email the completed application to exec.direct@indliving.org. Please do not call regarding this position and direct all correspondence to the email.