Inclement Weather Policy

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Inclement Weather Procedure


In the case of Inclement Weather Profiles & Profiles Productions will be closed.


Our Residences are different than Profiles – At the residences all employees are expected to report to work as usual.  If you are unable to make it to work or unable make it on time, you must contact your supervisor immediately.


Residential employees must stay on duty until staff arrives to work to relieve them.


Staff are responsible for making sure all sidewalks, ramps, steps, etc. have salt or sand on them. Ideally you need to put this down prior to the bad weather and then possibly again if the weather continues. This should be the responsibility of whoever is on duty. You do not want to wait until a designated person arrives – the first person in when there are weather issues should be the person putting out the sand or salt.


Please make sure staff, especially new staff, are aware of this procedure.