New Employees

Background Checks

Independent Living Services is mandated to provide a safe environment for the people who receive services. Independent Living Services will ask every job applicant to provide information concerning any criminal convictions and charges/convictions of abuse or neglect on the job application.

Independent Living Services will also ask for every applicant seeking to contract with or be employed by the corporation(s) to sign a “release” of information regarding background checks for criminal records, traffic violations, central registry for abuse/neglect and adult protective services for abuse/neglect.

These applicants will be classified a “temporary” employees or agents until their background checks are complete and information received and reviewed as required by DDS/DHS or LTC. DDS, LTC and/or Independent Living Services may disqualify an applicant based on the background information. DDS/LTC may waive the disqualification of an applicant with convictions of certain offenses as per their regulations.

Decisions for becoming an employee, eligible for benefits as applicable, will be based on all complete information, including background checks. A decision will be made as to whether the “temporary” employee can be trusted to act in a responsible manner regarding the provision of services for people with disabilities; and/pr can be trust4ed to perform the duties as written on the job description; and not endanger the corporation(s), its principles or its people.


The first 30 days of employment are considered an Orientation Training period. Independent Living Services reserves the right to extend the 30-day orientation period for an employee. This gives the employee time to become acquainted with the job and complete required training. The following topics are required for orientation:

overview of Department of Human Services (DHS/DDS)
history, mission, and guiding principles
review of organizational chart of operations, services, and tour facilities
introduction to “mental retardation and developmental disabilities”
community integration, normalization and positive programming
an overview of laws (federal and state) related to services for people with developmental disabilities
blood borne pathogens (OSHA, AIDS, HIV, etc.)
review of program policy and procedure manual
review of the employee handbook
CPR and First-aid
transportation procedures and training for all staff who drive vehicles owned by Independent Living Services and/or transport consumers in their own vehicle

In-Service Training

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDS) requires all staff of community service agencies to complete 12 hours of in-service training per year. Scheduled staff meetings may be used to complete this requirement if there is an agenda with a sign-in document attached for signatures of the attendees. College coursed may apply toward the training requirement if a syllabus is submitted to Human Resources. Alternate training will be available during the year for Independent  Living Services employees. At least four hours of Personal Care training is required by Medicaid every six months for direct care staff. Employees are responsible for making their training needs known to the Human Resources Director.

Required Documents

Direct Care employees are required to have a current TB skin test and First Aid/CPR card. Proof of such must be recorded in the personnel file.

People who drive ILS vehicles, tranport consumers or use heir vehicle for ILS business, must have current automobile liability insurance. Proof of such muhst be recorded in the personnel file.

Complete Criminal Record Check and Central Registry information as requireed by the agancy.

Any additional regulations/standards which DDS implements.


Any employee starting a new position, whether new hire, re-hire, or transfer will be placed on a 90-day probationary period. The 90-day probationary period may be extended for a period of time.

The probationary period provides for assessment of employee qualifications, performance, and general suitability to successfully meet position requirements and standards. It gives Independent Living Services time to evaluate the employee’s progress and potential. It likewise provides the employee with an opportunity to determine whether the position meets his or her expectations. If a new hire fails to qualify for continued employment, the reasons will be discussed.

Personnel Records

Independent Living Services will maintain a confidential personnel file for every employee. his information is needed to send you mail, properly maintain insurance and benefits, compute your payroll deductions and otherwise comply with various laws and licensing regulations. All personnel records are accurate and up-to-date.

Non-Disclosure Statement

The protection of highly confidential information about individuals served and confidential business records are vital to the interests and the success of Independent Living Services and related corporations. Such confidential information includes, but is not limited to, the following:

all files containing information about individuals served
all personnel files
all medical records relating to personnel
all files containing records as related to drug testing

All such information will be treated as highly confidential. Only authorized personnel will be granted access to it. Personnel records are available to review upon request in the Human Resources Office. No employee will be allowed to make a copy of all or any portion of their personnel file.

All employees will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition off employment. Any employee who discloses confidential information about individuals served, employees and/or confidential business information of the corporations will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including possible termination of employment and legal action, even if he or she does not actually benefit from the disclosed information.