ILS assures that each consumer will receive at least three balanced meals daily. In our day programs, ILS will assure that individuals receive a balanced lunch. A consulting dietician conducts annual in-service training on proper methods for the purchase, preparation and storage of all food items.

Special Diets

Individuals with special diets will be monitored each week by the Independent Living Services staff to see that intake is sufficient and according to the recommended plan. The diet will be one approved by a consulting nurse (RN) or doctor. Written orders signed by the physician for dietary regimens, whether regular or modified, will be obtained at the annual physical. Special diets could be required for allergies, weight control, diabetes, religion, hypertension, etc..




The Acting Creates Therapeutic Success Program, sponsored by the Occupational Therapy Department at the University of Central Arkansas, provides opportunities in performing arts for many of our consumers.

Partners for Inclusive Communities

Profiles Enrichment Center, our adult day program, partners with Partners for Inclusive Communities to offer relationship classes.