Individual Rights


Independent Living Services has written policy and procedures that promote and protect individual/parent/guardian rights. This commitment guides the delivery of services and ongoing interactions with the individuals we provide services to.

Each individual and parent or legal guardian will be informed of their rights and responsibilities and of rules governing personal conduct in a manner and fashion that is clear and understandable.


  1. At the time of admission and annual thereafter, the individual and parent or legal guardian will receive the following: admission packet and handbook explaining services and any associated costs, rights, responsibilities, rules of conduct, mission statement and guiding principles, external advocacy sources, funding sources and a list of contacts within the agency that can provide information and referrals, board members, positive behavior practices, solicitation guidelines, appeal procedure for the agency and DDS Policy 1076, as well as contact information for the local DDS representative. A signed statement of the receipt of this packet will be kept in the individual’s case file.
  2. Any amendments to polices affecting individual’s rights and responsibilities will be distributed and explained to the individual and parent or legal guardian.
  3. Independent  Living Services will provide individual assistance with money management if authorized by the individual/guardian. The Independent Living Services financial management staff will provide reports whenever requested by an authorized person, normally a quarterly statement is provided to the individual/guardian and to the case management file.
  4. Case Management files are established for each person who receives a service from Independent Living Services. Service plans and data are kept on each individual. To protect the privacy of individuals, case management files are confidential and can be accessed only by people who are authorized. The individual/parent/guardian may sign a release to provide some case information to others. This release will be time bound and information specific. Individuals/parents/guardians can request access to their records at any time.
  5. Individuals/Residents have a right to live in a safe environment with protection from and treatment for contagious illnesses.
  6. Each individual receiving services will be encouraged and assisted to exercise their personal rights. They will be free to submit complaints or recommendations concerning services and policy/procedures without fear of restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal. There is a written grievance procedure for use by the individual/parent/guardian that demands a response within a reasonable time. Case managers or other staff will assist with the procedure as needed.
  7. Individuals served by Independent Living Services have the right to information concerning human sexuality. Those who are of at least 18 years of  age and are their own guardians, have the right to develop sexual relationships. They have the right to knowledge of available methods of contraception and their possible side effects. They have the right of choice regarding the use of contraception. Parents, as part of the planning team, may or may not be included in the decision making process, depending on the individual’s legal status, wishes and age. (Documentation of the individual’s decision to involve parents will be entered in the case file.) Due to the purpose of a group home living environment, the following limitations will be made
    1. Assigned roommates must be persons of the same sex. Married couples may share the same room.
    2. Residents having guests of the opposite sex will be afforded privacy up on request, as along as it does not interfere with the rights of others in residence.
    3. The residents and the staff of the facility will be provided with resources, materials, and education in the areas of human sexuality and development in both individual and/or group training.
    4. If prescription contraceptives are chosen, they will be obtained and reviewed at least annually by a physician after a medical evaluation to determine their appropriateness


Being free from physical or psychological abuse or neglect, retaliation, humiliation, and from financial exploitation.

Having control over your own financial resources.

Being able to receive, purchase and use your own personal property.

Actively and meaningufully making decisions affecting your life.

Access to information pertinent to the person served in sufficient time to facilitate decision making.

Having privacy.

Being able to associate and communicate publicly or privately with any person or group of people of your choice.

Being free from the inappropriate use of a physical or chemical restraint, medication, or isolation as punishment, for the convenience of the provider or agent.

Not being require to work without compensation.

Being treated with dignity and respect.

Receiving due process.

having access to your own records, including information about how your funds are accessed and utilized and what services were billed on your behalf.

Informed consent or refusal or expression of choice regarding service delivery, release of information, concurrent services, composition of the service delivery team, and involvement in research projects.

Access or referral to legal entities for appropriate representation.

Access to self-help and advocacy support services.

Adherence to research guidelines and ethics when persons served are involved.

Investigation and resolution of alleged infringements of rights.

Rights and responsibilites of citizenship.

Other legal and constitutional rights.

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